Synth 1 VST Plugin

Synth 1 is said to be the best freebie Synthesizer out there, and I have to agree on this one. Packed with tons of sounds, Oscillators, Arpeggiators and effects.. Let's just say it's enough to keep you going for a while. A fan of warm trance strings perhaps?
See what Synth 1 can do for your music production
Check out the demo video here (right click, open in new window)


2 Oscillators + 1 sub Oscillator, FM modulation, ring modulation,sync,modulation envelope
4 types of filters, distortion
2LFO(synchronized with host)
Arpeggiator (synchronized with host)
Tempo delay (synchronized with host), stereo chorus/flanger
Legato mode, portamento
32 notes polyphony
128 presets!
Thoroughly optimized for light CPU load using SSE instructions etc.

Full documentation here

Download Synth 1 (v.1.12) here (512 kB ZIP)(Mac & Win)


1. Extract all the files into a new folder inside your VST folder, name it Synth1 or something like that.
2. Open up Synth1 folder and double click the inisettings.exe, this step will adress the soundbanks to the Plugin. Just hit the yes button when asked to..
3. Open up your DAW of choice and search for your new VST, and have fun!


Anonymous said...

hi...not sure how old this blog is as i didnt see a date, but just to let you know i right clicked the synth1 and it came back as an empty archive...

Free VST Plugins said...

It has now been fixed. thanks for reporting!

Anonymous said...

What DAW should I use? I have FL Studio 7, Reason, Audacity. How do I.. open and use this snyth? Thanyoy.

Free VST Plugins said...

Of the ones mentioned fruityloops would be the prime choice. You can't use plugins with Reason and I've never used Audacity. I recommend you to read the fruityloop installation guide I've written, You can find it in the menubar to your right.

Anonymous said...

How do you load the banks into the synth1? Thanks beforehand

Free VST Plugins said...

@ anonymous

Read the installation guide found in the Synth1 post and you'll be fine.

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