Alchemy Player VST

Alchemy VST Player is a free software instrument sample library with an inspiring 1GB worth of audio and 200 instrument sounds including evolving soundscapes, lush pads (!), synth basses, and pulsing arpeggios to name a few. 150 sounds are included in the free version, this version that is.
( this is not a trial version, it's 100% free ).

A few words from the creators

Alchemy Player features the same advanced sample manipulation engine as its big brother, with additive, spectral, granular, sampling and VA synthesis for totally unique sounds, and is easily controlled via a simple and compact interface. This provides sixteen performance controls for real-time tweaking and automation, which have unique functions for each preset carefully chosen by the sound designer; so each preset is like a small synth in its own right.

Who is it for?
I'd say everybody since it covers a lot of different genres out there, for example:
Electronica, Ambient, Film Music, IDM, Dance/Trance, Techno/Electro and Pop, and this is only for the free version alone. You can always expand it later on (if you wish to do so) with 23+ sound libraries and counting! (premium feature though)

Download and installation

Download the software from here (Mac & Pc 32/64-bit versions included)
You will have to enter a valid email since the download links (all of the different versions) will be sent to your email account - no strings attached nor spam.

Once downloaded, extract and run the .exe. Install the dll files to your VST folder and do the exact same with the software/library as well. Open up your DAW and scan for your newly installed plugin.

I highly recommend you to register a free account at the site as you'll get another 50 files for your Alchemy VST plugin to take a poke at for free! 350Mb+ worth of sound. Not a bad deal at all - once again, no strings attached :)

Now, go on and get creative, people!

A big thanks goes out to the guys behind - thanks for being awesome.

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