How to install VST plugins to Fruityloops

When you get your first copy of Fruity loops it’s going to keep you stimulated for a while, But sooner or later you’re gonna grow bored of the built-in instruments, the boring wav files and everything else is going to feel simply put.. dull. That’s where VST plugins comes into the picture!

How to install VST Instruments in Fruity Loops

1. Go to c:/program/image-line/FL8/Plugins/VST (default installation route, find the place you've actually installed it in order to find it)
2. Create a new folder with a proper name for your new plug-in that you'd like to install.
Unzip your bought/downloaded for free VST plugin into that folder. If it’s an .exe file, just run it and insert your install destination, and if it’s a .dll file just extract it to the proper destination of your FL install, locate the new VST folder you've just created and place it there.

3. Start FL and go to channels/add one/more..

4. Once there you’ll see all the available plugins. The ones with a box ticked with the letter F are active in your library of instruments already, and the ones with a blank box are not yet active. But for now, skip this for a few seconds.
5. Scroll down in that list of VST plugins until you hit the bottom. Press the refresh button and make a fast scan.Ignore the other option (if still available that is)

If you’ve done everything right you’ll get a note saying 1 or more plugins found, next to the refresh button, highlighted in red.
6. Just tick that box next to the newly installed plugin (marked in red text) and voilá, your new plugin is now installed and can be seen in your list of instruments.

How to install VST Effects in Fruity Loops

If you're new to music production, you'll probably install everything that looks cool in a picture, right? We've all been there I guess. But after a couple of years of running this blog I've noticed that some people are not sure of what they've just downloaded.. really.

Some VSTi are instruments, some are effects (think delay, reverb, filters etc)

Install your new plugin as normally would (see above). This time, Instead of going to channels/add one/more..(only actual instruments goes here!) you go to the mixer, press F9 on your keyboard and the mixer will pop up automagically.

Once there head over to the effect section of the mixer(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) and press select/more…
Now all you have to do is to hit the refresh button once again and it will list the newly installed VST effect in red color. Tick that box and it’s installed.. in the right place :)

Good luck!

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desimnyc said...

What's problem with all BSK vst's loaded into FL6 is that the first note that's recorded doesn't play until the recorded track loops...have any ideas?

Admin said...

I feel ya. I have the same problem with basically all of my VST plugins. It's annoying as hell. It could be the audio latency settings, but i'm not sure about it though. I usually start building my songs from bar 5 in the playlist, And Loop by highlighting the whole track by using the snap function (setting none) just before bar 5.. You will get a little glitch, but it's better than not hearing the first notes at all i think :S

Anonymous said...

i downloaded dll vst plugins...and i tryed to make that as u said but after i refresh it doesnt come up to the left list with the other plugins... wth can u help me? :(

Anonymous said...

When I click refresh and then fast scan it seems to do some type of calculation and then just stays the same, i do not get a next option? can you help me please?

Admin said...

@ Anonymous.

Double check and make sure you extracted all the files into the correct folder. You can also set scan paths in FL. Add the steinberg folder to the search and i'm sure it will find all the files as it should :)

The GLuecinator said...

Hi, i have a few questions about FL 8 plugins.
i installed some vst plugins, some of them work very well but some of them have all kind of noises when you klick on the notes. When i load the plugins in my other sequancer they work fine, but i need them to work in Fruity loops.
i tried to work with the audio settings but it didn't help much.
please help me if you know the problem!
also, some of the plugins i can automate the knob movements and it works great but some of them not ( for example: NI Pro-53 V3.0 plugin)
and a lot more. is it possible do get it done by any external programs or how?
thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

I dont have an issue installing a plugin, I would just like to find a surround sound plugin, or find out how to channel my tracks into a 5.1 format.

contact me at

Anonymous said...

i use FL8....i dont understand....i bought Audioease Speakerphone and placed them in the VST folder.....and did fast scan....FL8 detected it ,but when i click them to load,it shows "cant load effect to channel"....can u please help me.....i need that plugin to work.....Please mail me to

Admin said...

@ Anonymous.

Sounds like you're trying to use effects as an instrument.

Load your effects from the mixer by pressing F9, and then you insert your VST effect to the channel of choice.

Gepetto89 said...

Question--I use Acid, and a friend of mine is in love with FL Studio. I intend to use LMMS sometime soon... once they get a VSTi preset option in their program, but, from what I've seen at the moment, neither LMMS nor FL Studio seems to support DSK's MachineZ drum plug-in.

The drum set is available from

Is there any way to change a setting or something in FL Studio to support it, as Acid seems to do so with NO problems.

Oh.. wait... (I took 10 minutes and scanned the drums' page, and it seems the author posted a link in the comments, near the bottom, to mew "single stereo output versions" of their drum VSTi's....) maybe these'll work.

Anonymous said...

Hey i gota problem. it says it couldnt open the Plugin... :-S HELP!!!

Anonymous said...

Men, I have problems with this Sonic Charger utonic, I did as he says here, but FL studio says it couldn't be opened and if it has to be registered to be sure I registered it. I installed it and it didn't asked me any registration.
Do you know how to register it or if I have to do this? please.

ahmad said...

um successfull.thanks every buddyyyyyyyyy.

ahmad said...

thanks im ok now.

Sharovary said...

Hi! Does anyone know if there is a some kind of plugin for fruity loops that can transform melody from piano roll into a real score... for example if someone composed something on piano in fruity loops and wants to get it in real score so it can be played on real instrument... I know "logic" has it but I am curious if there is something like for fruity??

Anonymous said...

i have a ton of VST files, but they're not in .dll or .exe format, and sadly, it doesn't seem like FL 8 supports it.. idk, help me out? the file is in .FXB format. never heard of it.

Anonymous said...

I think that fxb stands for effectbank..

Kelly Raymond said...

Please help. Anytime I try to add some VSTi's on FL, I get a response telling me that it needs to be registered. I have done the mixer trick and I hear nothing. I tried scanning through the track, it still complains about registration. What do I do?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

Sounds like you're trying to install a plugin that you have to pay for, Or they just want you to register it for free. If you know the creator of the plugin (google it) I'm sure you'll figure it out. None of the plugins found in this blog demands any registration.

Aamer said...

You are the f***ing man. Thank you bud. Much respect.

A Dub said...

Ok so I have been trying to install some new VSTs into FL 9. I get thtme installed and registered and evertything looks like its working, however, I can't hear anything from the new plug even though I see it working. Any thoughts on what is wrong? This is the first time I am using plugs that did not come with FL so I dont know if i am missing a setting somewhere. THANKS!! :-)

adolfo said...

would anybody know how to use this in jeskola buzz?
I can open it through polac VST loader as an effect, but then I don't know how to link it to the VSTi or whatever to make it work

alan said...

ive done everything correctly, i got the vst's to pop up on the list and i clicked (or unclicked) the boxes and i can't even find the VSTs anymore! aggravating! any other time i've tried it works just fine. i've been trying to install the plugins on your blog but none are working for me so far.

Free VST Plugins said...

@ Alan

You're supposed to tick the box once to include it in your list of instruments. If you untick the box, the instrument will simply be removed from that list. Make sure you've installed the plug-in(s) to the correct folder as well.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

all my vst's load in as wrappers? any ideas why this is? mean i can right click on the vst and just automate certain parameters

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot bro! I have been trying to install my new plugin as an instrument, not a plugin... I think.
Either way, I managed to get it running after a few mins reading on here. Got it running through the mixer not as a channel. Much love bro!

Anonymous said...

i have this problem with my FL10, when i put an electrick guitar to the sequencer the sound of the guitar changes totally like hell..
and electric guitar sounds like a trumpet..
can u help me out with this?

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