Huge VST pack!

Download 30 VST plugins for free in one file.

VST's that are included in this pack:

Bandisto - Multi-band distortion
BeatBox - Drum replacer
Combo - Amp & speaker simulator
De-ess - High frequency dynamics processor
Degrade - Sample quality reduction
Delay - Simple stereo delay with feedback tone control
Detune - Simple up/down pitch shifting thickener
Dither - Range of dither types including noise shaping
DubDelay - Delay with feedback saturation and time/pitch modulation
Dynamics - Compressor / Limiter / Gate
Envelope - Envelope follower / VCA
Image - Stereo image adjustment and M-S matrix
Leslie - Rotary speaker simulator
Limiter - Opto-electronic style limiter
Loudness - Equal loudness contours for bass EQ and mix correction
Multiband - Multi-band compressor with M-S processing modes
Overdrive - Soft distortion
Re-Psycho! - Drum loop pitch changer
RezFilter - Resonant filter with LFO and envelope follower
Round Panner - 3D panner
Shepard - Continuously rising/falling tone generator
Splitter - Frequency / level crossover for setting up dynamic processing
Stereo Simulator - Haas delay and comb filtering
Sub-Bass Synthesizer - Several low frequency enhancement methods
Talkbox - High resolution vocoder
TestTone - Signal generator with pink and white noise, impulses and sweeps
Thru-Zero Flanger - Classic tape-flanging simulation
Tracker - Pitch tracking oscillator, or pitch tracking EQ
Vocoder - Switchable 8 or 16 band vocoder
VocInput - Pitch tracking oscillator for generating vocoder carrier input

Visit smartelectronix to download these goodies.

Installation notes:

There's no setup/installer, just dll files.
Extract all the .dll files to your VST folder, open up your DAW of choice and search for you new plugins.

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Megatron (a.K.a B. Rud) said...

wow wee wee wow. THANK YOU man. i hope this blog works out well for you. Im a fan already.

Anonymous said...

I love this blog man, keep it up! Will visit often for sweet free plugins :))

Admin said...

Thanks a lot Anonymous! Just hit subscribe and you'll get notified whenever i post something fresh :)

Anonymous said...

where is the download button !!! seriously i dont see it

Kellen Priester said...

You are the fucking man!!

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