VST Drum Machine

Mini DrumZ offers you a wide selection of retro drum machines to fool around with. I can honestly say that this is the best freebie drum VST yet folks, a must for all retro-electro heads out there.

Mini DrumZ VST for Windows
(12.1 Mb)

You must copy/paste the URL above into a new window in order to download it.


Extract the .dll file to your VST folder, open your DAW of choice and search for it.

Drum machines included:

Roland CR78, Roland TR606, Roland TR727, Roland TR808, Roland TR909, DrumTraks, SCI Tom, Yamaha RX11, Acetone Rhythm Ace, Akai XE8, Akai XR10, Alesis HR16, Boss DR55, Boss DR220, Fricke MSB512, Kawai R50, Korg DDD1, Korg DDM110, Mattel Synsonic, MXR 185

Wait a minute, Mattel Synsonic? I thought they only did He-man action figures? :)

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zhekoyy said...

good drums)

Anonymous said...

Very good, exelent plugin! tanks :D

rob said...

link is down :(

Free VST Plugins said...

@ Rob

Thanks for reporting. If you copy/paste the URL into a new window it will work like a charm.

Anderson Thomas said...

Made my first drum beat cassette tape with 30 minutes of drum tracks with the Mattel Synsonic Drum Machine in 87'

Anonymous said...

Is there a 64 bit version available?

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