Mainliner X2 - VST Basslines

Mainliner X2

This high quality bass machine delivers!
It does not only look cool, It sounds cool too.
I browsed the presets and gave them a quick go and i was stunned. Deep, Thick & raw basslines perfect for Dub, Breakbeat, Drum & Bass, Trance and what not.
This free Vst Plugin is a must in your VST list!

This puppy eats a lot of CPU though

Download Mainliner X2 here

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Anonymous said...


there are 3 oscillator-units, each unit has 3 oscillators. you can select waveforms for each oscillator independently!
there's also the option of detuning and pitch the units (unitl -/+ 12 semitones)
the interaction between the resulting signal and the two included filters results in totally, incredibly,insane fat sounds!

there are many more features: FM-synthesis, 3LFOs , 4Envelope-generators (for amplifier and filter and two which you can route to most parameters) ...

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