Double 'O'

This free SFX VST Plugin helps you to easily chop up the audio for you.
Control the speed & depth of both stereo channels with ease with the knobs.
Works like a charm on vocals!

Try it yourself here: Double 'O'

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FlyHighDude said...

you rock, man, thanks for this blog! keep it up, I hope you end profiting from it. not many people write about free VST plugins... that I know about.

If you need help posting once in a while, let me know, I could collaborate. I have a rather obscene (bad mouthed) blog @
but don't worry about it, it's more about interesting things.

I know english, love VSTs and would love to do it just for the principle of it all. Free VSTs...

Anonymous said...

Out of plugins?

Admin said...

hehe, thanks for the comment Flyhighdude! I might get in touch :)

@ the anonymous dude.

I have 2 jobs right now, i will update asap. Whenever that will be.

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